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Learning to Play

We run a learning programme on Tuesday evenings at the Band Hall from 6.00pm. Here we introduce learners to bagpipes and drumming so that they will get involved in the community, join a fantastic and fun social atmosphere and above all learn to play some wonderful music. The programme has been designed to develop pipers and drummers naturally and progressively so that learners successfully integrate into the band and one day travel up and down the country participating in many varied events

Our Expectations

The band is ably led by Pipe Major Davey Welsh, who has played at the highest level with the Shotts & Dykehead and Simon Fraser University winning the World Championships multiple times, and Drum Sergeant Trina Berry who has many years of Grade 1 experience behind her.

Our Tuition

Tuition is generally group based and is run by highly experienced tutors. Please contact us for more information on the costs and lessons here.

Learners (and parents!) are invited to stay after their lessons to hear the full band practice and get involved with the band as much as they can.

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